S.D.A Senior High

S.D.A Senior High

Gender: Mixed
Housing status: Day and Boarding
Year of Establishment: 1963
Name of Head: Alice Opoku-Adjei

The Adventist Philosophy of Education, on which the school was founded, places a focus on the provision of a true and balanced kind of education that incorporates the physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual well-being of the individual. The school was established on the basis of this philosophy. To summarise, the educational philosophy of Adventists is based on the belief that one should be educated in all three aspects of their being: the head, the heart, and the hand.

The church’s educational concept inspired the founding of the school, and providing a well-rounded education to the children and teenagers of Ghana has been the institution’s primary mission ever since it first opened its doors. In conclusion, the goal of the school is to instill in the youth of Ghana the dignity of labour, which can be attained via formal education, to provide them with the skills necessary to enter the workforce, and to prepare them for the world to come, Heaven.


In 1983, the S.D.A Churches in Kumasi established what is today known as Adventist Senior High School but at the time was called Adventist Day Secondary School. The school started off with 80 students divided between two classes. Prior to its incorporation into the public school system in 1994, the institution served the community as a private mission school. The construction of the boy’s dormitory began in 2003 with the intention of catering to the requirements of the male students who desired to make the school their permanent residence. Because of this, the word “day” had to be removed from the name of the school in order for it to accurately reflect its current standing. The creation of a hostel specifically for female students is currently in the works. The following is a list of the academic programs that the school offers. Studies in General Science and Arts, as well as Visual Arts, together with Business Studies and Home Economics

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Below is the list of past and present Headmasters of the school
1 Mr. Festus Boadi Soadwa 1983 – 1984
2 Pastor Peter Abraham Mensah 1984 – 1985
3 Mr. David Oppong Brenya 1985 – 1987
4 Mr. Moses Kwaku Addai 1987 – 2009

5 Mr. Ernest Kofi Gyimah 2010 – DATE


(a) Classrooms – Thirty (30)
(b) Laboratories – Three (03) – Physics, Chemistry, Biology
(c) Library – One (01) – Capacity – 100 students at a time
(d) I. C. T. Laboratory – One (01)
(e) Home Economics Workshop – One (01)
(f) Text books – For all subject areas.
(a) Dormitory block for Boys – capacity 720 students
(b) Toilet facilities for Boys and Girls – Water closet (W.C)
(c) Canteen Service available in the school
(d) Dining Hall and Kitchen attached.



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