Presby Senior High

Presby Senior High

Gender Mixed
Housing status Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment 1930
Name of Head Ms. Augustina Akosua

to reach the pinnacle of success in offering her kids a pre-tertiary education that is of the highest possible caliber. to make it possible for them to seek additional education at tertiary institutions. must be able to compete successfully in the employment market and earn a life that is satisfactory.

To give all Ghanaians, at all educational levels, an education that is appropriate to their needs, so that they may acquire skills that will assist them in realizing their potential. should take the initiative necessary to reduce poverty, while also fostering socioeconomic growth and contributing to national development.


In 1956, one of the Old Basel Missionary Buildings at the foot of Kuku Hill in Osu was selected to serve as the location for the establishment of the Presbyterian Secondary School, Osu. The following are some of the reasons why the school was founded: 1. To provide children in Osu with access to the Presbyterian Day Secondary education system 2. To make up for the lack of a boarding school in Osu by establishing a secondary school there as a form of compensation. It was given significant thought as to whether or not the seat of the Basel Mission and Presbyterianism required a higher education institution. The establishment of the school was a collaborative effort between the local church and a number of individual educators; Mr. Cleland Armah served as the institution’s first Headmaster. In 1963, the school was integrated into the public school system and Mr. McCarthy was appointed as the new headmaster. He transformed the structure that once housed the Old Basel Mission into a school that included a library, administrative offices, science laboratories, and two classrooms for separate streams of students. The church proposed the current location of the school, which is known as “The New Site.” At the time, the only buildings that the school possesses are a classroom block with eighteen (18) units and a science block with three storeys, both of which are used to house school workers. The school is currently reaping the benefits of the GetFund, and additional classroom blocks are being constructed so that it can handle the large number of students who remain committed to making academic progress here.

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Head Teachers

Name Position Tenure In Office
Late Mrs. Barbara Buerkie Puplampu Headmistress 2014 – 2019
Diana Dennis Oye Welbeck Headmistress 2011 – 2014

Notable alumni

  • Uncle Ebo Whyte – Theatre Arts Producer
  • Nai Prince (9Cliche) – Musician
  • Nii Kpakpo Curtis – Voice-over comedian
  • Rudolf Ofori – Mechanical Engineer (BetterMechs Ghana)
  • Dr. Edmund Nkrumah – NIBS


No. of Students (SHS 1): 464
No. of Students (SHS 2): 574
No. of Students (SHS 3): 312
EMIS Code: 204040008
WAEC Code: 0020405

Classrooms, Science Lab, Computer Lab.

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