Teephlow reacts to Medikal and Strongman’s diss songs

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Teephlow, the Fante rapper has added his voice to the ongoing beef between Medikal and Strongman. According to the rapper who has been battling for Strongman’s position as far as music lovers can remember, both Medikal and Strongman are his students.

In a post on his Facebook timelines, Teephlow claims he is not around and Medikal, Strongman and Kwesi Arthur are enjoying their free period.

Throwing a direct jab at Strongman, Teephlow revealed that no matter how deep lyrics and heavy bars Strongman drops in the ongoing beef, he can never fit into his (Teephlow) shoes.

Teephlow posted:

“Dem say make we dawg hiphop but when beef come they say it’s good for the culture.
Which culture? Mass crisscross am, how can dis solve am? Ob3yaa dissolve am……

No matter how much shit you go release, you can never fit in Tee’s shoes (Tissues)” – Preach. Allow these students to enjoy the free period.lol. Guys DONT TRY ME oòoo ….TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Interestingly, Strongman has beaten, beaten and murdered Teephlow countless times in their battle for supremacy. So for Teephlow to describe Strongman as his student is as ridiculous as it sounds.