I’ve lost marriage proposals because of my profession – Vim Lady

I’ve lost marriage proposals because of my profession – Vim Lady

In a typical African society not excluding Ghana, women are expected to be calm, fragile, understanding, easy going, among other feminine attributes you can ever imagine. In simple terms, African ladies are to appear meek in all their endeavours.

So, it becomes awkward when a lady defy all feminine attributes to become cantankerous as well as difficult in nature as in the case of radio and television personality, Afia Pokuaa.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that the loudmouthed presenter has voiced that she has lost several marriage proposals due to the nature of her job and the controversies that come with it.

Vim Lady

She made this known while addressing an audience at the maiden anniversary lecture series of the Alliance for Women in Media. According to her, the non-functionality of support systems is a contributing factor to the existing misconceptions and controversies that surround women in the Ghanaian media space.

“…There are a lot of misconceptions, so there’s a system that we need to break to get women there. Once they find themselves even in the media, what are the support systems there? None.”

In her case, however, she noted that, breaking barriers and hosting a radio political show for over a decade in a local language may appear inspiring but much to her dismay most of her relationships which could have ended in marriage didn’t last due to the nature of what she does.

“Imagine me, sitting on radio, calling people’s fathers out, people who are older than me, because I have a job to do. And I’m doing it in Akan, very brutal not just ordinarily brutal in English but very brutal. So I’ve been called all sorts of names. I’ve lost marriage proposals because of that. Yes… ‘My son can’t marry a woman who is loud, so my son can’t be with you. I’ve heard a lot of that.” She narrated.

As a reminder, Afia Pokuaa who’s affectionately called Vim Ladyis currently the news editor and host of a political talk show on Adom FM, a subsidiary of Multimedia.