I will forever respect Stonebwoy – Patapaa

I will forever respect Stonebwoy - Patapaa

BET award winner, Stonebwoy seems to have warm his way into the heart of One Corner hitmaker, Patapaa. The Skopatumana boss can’t just stop talking about Stonebwoy.

According to Patapaa, he’s lowkey studied and monitored Stonebwoy for a while and all he can say is, Stonebwoy is one artiste in Ghana that wants other artistes to prosper and not him alone.

Talking to Abeiku Santana on the Atuu Show, Patapeezy used the interview moment to big up Stonebwoy, he said,

“One artiste in Ghana that i will forever respect is Bhim. Stonebwoy is just one of the few Artiste in Ghana that loves to see other artistes too prosper and not him alone. He doesn’t think about his own prosperity alone, he cares about others. He will continue to go far paa.”

Patapeezy added that Stonebwoy didn’t stress him at all before featuring on his Sweet Honey song,

“I called Stonebwoy that i have this song and i would love to have him on it, he didn’t even heard the song, he said send it-send it. Do you know i sent him the song, and it wasn’t even up to 1 week and he sent the song back to me with his verse done and everything? oo Bhim, Stonebwoy, shouts to you”.

Patapeezy right there showering Praises on Stonebwoy.