Mark Okraku Mantey Shades Shatta Wale For Being Unpatriotic

Mark Okraku Mantey Shades Shatta Wale For Being Unpatriotic

We all know Mark Okraku Mantey, the Head of Hitz FM is the type who is not afraid to speak his mind and considering his history with Shatta Wale, we are not surprised he has come for him again in a new interview.

During the recently held eXperience concert organized by Charterhouse at the Independence Square on May 11, Shatta Wale appeared on stage donning a yellow jacket and beneath it was a dress colored in the US flag.

Mark opined that a big artiste like Wale should be proud of his motherland and represent it to the fullest.

“How can a big act like Shatta Wale wear a shirt filled with the US flag on a big stage like the VGMAS? I was so angry when he took off his yellow jacket and what was left on him was that shirt filled with US colours and the US Flag”

He added that “Instead of selling Ghana wearing something more Ghanaian, he rather wore a shirt containing the US Flag. In Jamaica, almost all their top acts make sure they wore something in their Jamaican colours. Especially, this year, we have the year of Return, and a big act like him rather decided to wear something US, how?,” he fumed.