Lydia Forson lectures ladies on what to do to men who brags about sex

Lydia Forson

Men bragging about s-x is as old as – s-x itself. People have always felt compelled to share stories about the s-x they had last night (and how many times, and in what positions!).

Whether it happens in the group chat or at the weekly boys’ night out, s-x brags are omnipresent. However, that doesn’t mean that all s-x brags are created equal. Some are fun — and funny — to hear, while others are just plain distasteful.

Well, multiple award-winning Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, has asked ladies to avail themselves to men so they can eat them well in bed to their satisfaction.

She says they should allow men to bury their faces in their a$s and also chop them as machines since some men go out bragging after sleeping with women without recognizing that the women also slept with them too.

Doing this, according to her, would make women confidently say that, yes he did when men brag that they have slept with them.

Taking to web blog page Twitter, Lydia Forson wrote “Ladies, Let your men eat you out, bury their faces in your as*s and machine gun fck you. So when they go out and brag that “I chop am”, you can proudly say “he sure did”. ? *FYI, as you chop, am, she chop you too, so..”