I started as a mason before music – Paa Kwesi

I started as a mason before music – Paa Kwesi

Before the glitz and glamour, man has to hustle not excluding graduates for these days hustling is not reserved for only school dropouts as in the case of Paa Kwesi of defunct Double music duo.

The above-mentioned artiste has recounted his hustling moments years ago before hitting the limelight. Paa Kwesi reechoed the saying, it is not all that glitters which is gold in his recent interaction with Nana Romeo in the studios of Accra FM.

Sharing his ordeal, he recounted how one taxi driver he normally hire his services to make rounds in town always thought that it was all fun and easy for him when he was growing up until he shared a little of his life story with him.

He disclosed that to encourage this taxi driver and advise him to stop complaining about his challenges, he shared the story about how he was into masonry when he initially came to Accra.

He revealed that he told the taxi driver that most of the houses at Adenta down, which were a state-sponsored housing project saw them work as masons till the completion of the project. He added that he carried many of the blocks and mortar which was used to build the houses.

The “I Love You” singer emphasized that surprisingly, this taxi driver stopped crying about his struggles and decided to forge on in life after he shared his true life story with him.

Watch the snippet of the interview below:


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