I don’t date ‘STUPID’ men – Afia Pokua spits fire

I don’t date ‘STUPID’ men –Afia Pokua spits fire

Celebrated radio presenter at Accra-based Adom FM, Afia Pokua, also known as Vim Lady has revealed that she dates only intelligent men who are way tougher than her and that block-headed men are out of the picture.

Vim Lady said her choice of man should be bold enough to challenge her when she goes wrong adding that a man who is easily walked over cannot be her boyfriend.

She said she’s always tickled when she engages in intellectual discourse with men stressing that she doesn’t fancy men with money or good looks.

I’m tough, a man should also be tough, I go out with men, what tickles me about a man is intellectual discourse, you should be mentally strong up there. You should be able to challenge me, you be mentally strong than me, you shouldn’t be a walk over. Men are not scared of me they enjoy conversations with me, I used to be a Tom boy, the men are never afraid of me, the men are there,’ she stated.

Outlining the qualities a man should possess before she can become her boyfriend, Vim Lady explained that since she is not the most beautiful person on earth, mental strength is her weapon which she uses to her advantage.