I have a Master’s degree in Engineering & Business Management – Mr Eazi

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Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, better known by his stage name Mr Eazi has shared some touching stories of his journey to stardom.

Mr Eazi opened up on how he had to leave the comfort his parents provided for him to chart his own path in life.

The ‘Dabebi’ star revealed that he graduated from school at the age of 18 but had to face a lot of struggles in his bid to make it on his own despite coming from a good home.

He said, “I would not lie and say that my childhood was tough. People define silver spoon differently but one thing I would say is that my parents always made sure I had everything that I needed.

I went to good schools, so obviously I was not suffering but in finding my own path, I started to experience struggles. . “I have a Master’s degree in Engineering and Business Management but I decided to become an entrepreneur so I had to suffer by myself.

I had to go through gold mining, distribution of beverages in Ghana and also having my phone company in Nigeria. I did all of that out of my own volition. .

If I had stuck to my parents’ plan, I could have finished school and got a proper job. I had job offers but I chose my path.

I could have toed my father’s path because he is an engineer and working in the aviation sector. I could have been in that sector but I chose my path. .

When you choose your path, you struggle. To be honest, my parents were pressured to compel me to get a proper job.

For instance, I graduated from the university in 2011 and I was not even 19 years old at the time.” .

He disclosed further that he tried his luck in food joints (sausage rolls & Sharwama) but all failed to improve.

Persistence however made him to become big when he made a switch to pursue his passion which is music.

Mr Eazi is one of the most renowned artistes from Africa who isn’t selfish as compared to many.

He has blessed a lot of talents and as well treated many music lovers and fans with back-to-back-hit songs.