Are Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don really about to be married?

Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don has left South Africans in shock and got us confused, after waking up to a pre-wedding photo of the ex lovers, with a catchy caption.

Both personalities started their love life October 2018, along the line they got engaged with a tattooed ring on their fingers. Afterwards, they got brows raised as their break up news went viral, seeing that they’re both deleting all of their lovey-dovey experiences on social media.

Clearing off doubts of their split, Chad further confirmed to the Drum, that they are indeed over.

“We split up but there are no bad vibes. Her husband-to-be is out there somewhere and I will also find my wife one day. I’ve been through a lot and Kelly’s love was medicinal … My heart feels sore but there is no pain God cannot cure. Kelly and I had a good run. We were blessed with a great time but now it’s over.”

However, Kelly got us confused with a recent post of herself and Chad together, with a caption displaying a wedding ring and a date by it side, 5/04/2019.

Are both celebrities getting married this weekend, or dropping a single? Could we also call it another April fool game?