Kwaisey Pee exposes Tic Tac

Highlife musician, Kwaisey Pee has hit back at rapper Tic’s statement that only 3 musicians control Ghana’s music.

According to Tic, the industry players must give every single artiste a chance when booking acts for shows.

He further expressed his displeasure about how only few musicians have hijacked the music space for shows.

But reacting to this, Kwaisey Pee said he cannot fathom why Tic would complain when some years back at a show, he wanted to be paid more for being the “biggest star” in Ghana.

He has had his time before. I remember having a show with him and Tinny. He told the promoters that he is the biggest artiste and that they should pay him more. So why is he saying that now?” he stated.

Kwaisey Pee asked the host, KMJ to find out from rapper Tinny since he was present at the scene.

“You can find out from Tinny. Tic said he was the biggest artiste. It’s funny when people start doing that. You’ve had your time and even some of your colleagues from that time are even pastors so why complaining now.

“It’s their time. Let them enjoy,” he advised “Tic Tac”.