Kuami Eugene chopped Wendy Shay at Sparks Hotel

Kuami Eugene chopped Wendy Shay at Sparks Hotel

Notorious Snapchat Blogger, FatP***sy005, is just sharing a piece of cake to almost every celebrity in relation to their secret stinking deeds.

Some slay mamas and papas who are even spreading HIV/AIDS with their amorous lifestyle also got their portion of the cake.

As it stands, a lot of other celebs with dirty secrets are shivering in their shoes that they’re secrets might be uncovered soon.

Well, the latest person to get served is Lynx Entertainment signee, Kuami Eugene.

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The “Angela” hitmaker as alleged by the notorious Snapchat user has kind of become a ‘sexual predator’ using his star power to chop ladies anyhow.

Eugene Kwame Marfo as he’s known in real is alleged to have slept with Wendy Shay at Sparks Hotel in Achimota, a sub-burb of Accra. The two have truly been getting too close anyway.

Their hug and kiss at Wendy’s birthday party has even raised eyebrows that there’s more to their friendship.

It has being disclosed that almost all ladies who work at Lynx Entertainment studios are being harrassed one way or the other by the ‘Confusion’ hitmaker.

FatP***sy005 also hammered on the fact that Kuami Eugene contracted gonorrhoea from an UPSA lady who he used KFC 15cedis and free coke just to woo and chop her.