I Am Not All About The Hype- Wendy Shay

I Am Not All About The Hype- Wendy Shay

The RuffTown Records artiste has said that she is not taken over by the hype and the consistent attention she is receiving in the media, but rather focused on working harder to expand her territory.

“My first single in this music industry is ‘Uber Driver’ and it was released last year in July. I feel I am still young in the music game even though I have released a couple of singles and an album as well. It’s less than a year and I am learning a lot bit by bit,” she revealed.

According to her, there are still a lot of people who do not know her songs; a reason she needs to spread her tentacles.

“I feel I need to do more to capture the attention of Ghanaians so my music can spread into all the corners of the Ghana. I can’t state for a fact that every single Ghanaian has heard my songs, so my target is making sure that will happen,” Wendy Shay stated.

Her new album ‘Shay On You’ is out, and it is available on major online platforms.