Every season has its artistes – Stonebwoy replies Tic Tac

Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has played down criticisms that the Ghanaian music industry is currently being run by three artistes.

According to him, every season in the music industry has its own celebrated artistes.

Speaking to KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Tuesday, Stonebwoy said listeners get attached to the music of up-and-coming artistes who turn to rule the music scene till the songs of others take over.

“Once upon a time Tic Tac [now called Tic], Tinny and some other artiste were ruling the music scene. They were hotter when some of us were not,” he added.

Stonebwoy was responding to Tic’s comments on the Ghana music industry ruled by three artistes.

The hiplife artiste accused industry players and show organisers for booking three artistes for almost every show during the 2018 Christmas season.

According to Tic, the monopoly some of these artistes are enjoying have caused other singers to be sidelined. This, he says, does not help other artistes grow.

He explained that the music industry has a pool of musicians with different styles and vibes that need to be shown to the people.

“Once you create the environment where everybody has a gig then we’ll have a variety of acts at the shows,” he said.

However, Stonebwoy said a number of artistes being celebrated at a particular time have been the culture of the industry for a long time.

“Once upon a time people got used to the style of the “Ss” Sonni Balli, Samini and Sarkodie, but now the “Ks” Kuami Eugene, King Promise and company are doing so well,” he added.

The dancehall artiste noted that, beyond the complaining or talking about the problem, solutions should be looked into to help solve the problem.

“Maybe ten years from now, other artistes will be hotter than some of us,” he stated.

Stonebwoy stated the problem makes old artistes who have passed their prime less expensive.


“I think if you want to book Celine Dion now the price will be something else. It is like wine, the older is it the more expensive it should be but sadly the system here is different,” he added.

The “Mane Me” singer said, If the systems in the country are fit and everything is in place, the artistes in their prime today should be more expensive than the new artistes of tomorrow.

He said, “I check what we can do so we keep soaring because there are people who are 50 years like Richard Bonah and UB40 who are still kicking it.”

Stonebwoy explained a bigger platform should be created for music lovers and should allow underground artistes “a step to solving the problem of monopoly.”

He advised artistes to position themselves well in their prime to remain relevant and not follow certain routes.

“That’s how we’re going to still be confident, comfortable and not be bothered about certain things.”