DKB Chopped An Innocent Girl Who Wanted Ghc1,300 To Pay Her Fees

In another revelation made by the anonymous Instagram slay queen known as fatpu$$y, comedian DKB had benged one innocent girl who asked him for money to pay her school fees.

The girl in question who thought DKB could be her good samaritan requested for Ghc1,300 to pay her fees and DKB accepted to honor her request. He then asked to meet her at a hotel around Lapaz where he benged the hell out of her and gave her nothing but promised to get the money for her.

A week later, DKB sent her Ghc200 only, saying that was all he could afford. The girl got disappointed as she wasn’t able to pay for her fees.

Let’s be very realistic here; some of these girls are just dumb. How can you make a so-called celebrity who has several ladies throwing themselves at him go to bed with you without having second thoughts that he could actually mess up after he gets what he wants. It should be a big lesson to all the girls out there who are vulnerable and wouldn’t want to think smart.

Upon posting this incident with the said girl, other girls who have fallen prey to DKB’s sweet words and big brains ’adwen kese3’ made contact with the Instagram slay queen, sending chats they had with DKB.

We got some screenshots for you; make sure you come back here for more update and gossip.