A-Reece Scores Deal With A Major Betting Company

A-Reece Scores A Major Deal With His 'Rich' Hit

A-Reece Scores A Major Deal With His ‘Rich’ Hit! A-Reece is undeniably one of the biggest Hip Hop artists of his generation who has been able to sustain his relevance in the game despite facing obstacles in the past.

The rapper recently revealed a new advert he did with one of the biggest betting companies in South Africa. On the advert, A-Reece’s hit single titled Rich from his three track EP called Gwan Big Up Urself (You Shouldv’e Taken Me Seriously).

A-Reece also appears in the advert in a few shots whilst most of the video has a soccer player. Reece has been paving his own way since he left Ambitious Entertainment proving to young rappers that you don’t need a major label to bag deals with major a corporate.