Family Unhappy As Chioma “Dumps” School For Davido

Family Unhappy As Chioma "Dumps School" For Davido

Family Unhappy As Chioma “Dumps” School Because Of Davido

A report has emerged that Chioma Avril Roland, the girlfriend of Multi-award winning Nigerian singer,Davido, may have dumped school to concentrate on her love affair with the pop star.

Family Unhappy As Chioma "Dumps School" For Davido

Vanguard Newspaper is reporting that even though she’s enjoying a solid ‘Assurance’ that her relationship with the sensational singer, would soon be sealed in nuptial bliss, there’s a snag somewhere as her family members aren’t too happy about the development and their reason simply has to do with her academics.

The online newspaper quoted a reliable source as saying that Chioma’s father, who is a devout Seventh Day Adventist, is not particularly pleased that his daughter has not been serious with her studies.

It is also understood that the love-struck girl, who gained admission into Babcock University (a Seventh Day Adventist school) to read economics in 2012, is yet to graduate when she should have completed the course since 2016.

Chioma’s father, it was also gathered, has had a strict talk with her that she must finish school before embarking on any marriage plans.

Hereare some of the lyrics of the song. “I am looking for a sister, Chioma my lover o… She get the dollar, she dey wear designer o. I am looking for my sister, Chioma my lover o, She get the dollar, Chioma my lover. She say give me Assurance, Assurance, I give my baby Assurance, I give my baby Lifetime insurance Yeah.”

The devout Seventh Day Adventist parents are said to be pained about their child treating her celebrated love affair with the superstar singer as a top priority over her education.