Cassper Responds To Claims That He Owes Mshoza R100K

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Cassper Responds To Claims That He Owes Mshoza R100K! Beginning of this week we saw Cassper get dragged by his former stylist on claims that he owes him R60,000 and now other claims are coming up.

An account posing as Mshoza recently tweeted saying that Cassper apparently owes Mshoza R100,000. “It’s time I speak out. Last year I got an email from Cassper asking me to give him R100k and he will give it back after FU FNB stadium well as a good woman I wanted to help and I sent the R100k, but since then his ignoring my calls and emails I didn’t want this go to Twitter,” tweeted the account.

“The easiest way to get South Africa talking. Insert my name and BOOM,” read Cassper’s response to the claims. A lot of the fans responding to the tweet did not believe the account belongs to Mshoza because of the follow count it has.