BREAKING NEWS : Somizi takes on his ‘cyber bullies’, files official complaint with the HRC

Somizi takes on his 'cyber bullies', files official complaint with the HRC

“Idols SA” judge and Metro FM presenter Somizi Mhlongo has lodged an official complaint with Human Rights Commission against two cyber bullies. This follows homophobic and racial slurs allegedly made by Lia Meyer and a comedian known as Careless D.

Last month, Meyer allegedly used the K-word in reference to the reality TV star. She later apologised but also claimed that her account had been hacked. Meanwhile, Careless D posted an open letter on Twitter stating that Somizi and his “gay friends” dressed like clowns.

It is alleged that Careless D also apologised. He claimed that he has no problem with people who are gay or bisexual.

South African Human Rights lawyer, Mr Buang Jones, on Friday confirmed that the Human Rights Commission had “received a complaint from Mr Somizi Mhlongo”.

“The South African Constitution enshrines the principles of human dignity, equality and social justice and he (Somizi) approached the commission in order to secure his rights as a South African and to restore his dignity. So the ascension by Lia Meyer that her account was hacked is something that she could raise when this matter is heard by the court,” said Jones.

Jones explained that Meyer has to prove to the court “firstly, that she did not discriminate against Mr Somizi Mhlongo and secondly, that her (Twitter) account was hacked.

“The apology by the comedian: that apology is not genuine, we are forging ahead to secure the rights of Mr Mhlongo, added Jones.

Jones further explained the seriousness of the case: “This case of Mr Mhlongo illuminates a nature and the prevalence of hate speech and victimisation against LGBTI+ community and the commission, as the custodian of human rights in the Republic, has the responsibility to protect sexual minorities; to protect the rights of all South Africans.

“The tweets implicate the right to equality, the right to human dignity and section 16 of the Constitution,” said Jones.