Koo Fori talks about spiritual powers in the movie industry

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– Ghanaian actor, Koo Fori, has bemoaned the use of spiritual help in movies. – According to him, this contributed to the challenges facing the industry -He, therefore, advised upcoming actors to remain humble if they wish to excel in their careers Veteran Ghanaian screen icon, Koo Fori, has disclosed that some players in the movie industry resort to spiritual powers. According to a report by GHIssues.com, he added that together with the ‘Pull Him Down’ syndrome, the use of spiritual help has caused the near collapse of the industry. Speaking with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s ‘Atuu’, he noted that “Ghana’s movie is not doing well, because upcoming actors are not humble, and use juju to stay relevant.”

He went on to say that those with talents are sidelined as a result of their political affiliations. To him, that is unfair, as movie enthusiasts have their favorites, and for that reason, switch to others as soon as their idols are missing from movies. “Mr. Beautiful, for instance, was vilified for going public for a political party and therefore struggles to land roles, and I find that really unfair. These things must stop if we indeed want the industry to progress,” he asserted. He, therefore, admonished upcoming actors to appreciate fans and stay humble if they want to go far in their career.