I Stopped Doing Music Because I Didn’t Want To Die Poor – C Zar

I Stopped Doing Music Because I Didn't Want To Die Poor - C Zar

In the early 2000s, C-Zar was one of the popular hiplife artists in the music industry.

He released hit songs like Araba Lawson and Mercy Lokko which topped charts and went on to the Hiplife Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards in 2009.

The hiplife artist disclosed to Graphic Showbiz that his musical ambitions are over, considering his decision to go into full-time business.

“I have quit music for good, I don’t want to die poor. Sincerely, show business doesn’t pay in our part of the world. See how all the veterans die as if they have never been in the limelight.”

“I don’t even want to see myself in such a condition in future where my family has to appeal for funds to take care of me should I fall sick.”

“It is for this reason that I have decided to say goodbye to this trade which only gives you fame and attention but doesn’t pay so well,” he said.

“I can say that barely 10 people in showbiz are really raking in huge sums which suits their status as celebrities but in reality, many are broke because it doesn’t pay much,” he stated.

“During my prime, there were producers who saw music as a business and invested in it so until they paid for the cost of their investments, the artiste may not benefit.”

“The truth is that, often times, there isn’t much after the producers have paid for all the expenses for cost of production so while you are making big hits, the returns are really little,” he added.

Setting the record straight, he stated that his inability to make good money as he wanted from music pushed him into the electricals business which he ran while making music.

And over a decade after and with three branches, C-Zar told Showbiz it is an important decision to quit music entirely now.

When asked if he decided to move on because he couldn’t keep up with the competition from the younger acts, he said, “Competition? I don’t know about competition getting me out of the game.”

“I’m not a failure and when you check my records, you will notice that all my albums were successful.”

“I understand the game so I give the people what they want and that has been my trademark.”

“Music is time-consuming and I don’t think I have the energy to juggle it with my business especially when it fetches me little returns,” C-Zar stated.