You may misjudge Naa Ashorkor but Bola Ray didn’t judge wrongly

There are few people you are likely to misjudge if you have not met them and have not tapped into what sets them apart.

The charm of these people is often not in what they say, but how they say it; and not in what they do, but how they do it.

And the latest diamond in The Multimedia Group jewellery box, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku is one of such people.

While you are at liberty to misjudge her, same cannot be extended to her talent, passion and verve that coalesce into one of the most admirable personalities in Ghana’s media.

Naa Ashorkor will be hosting Joy FM’s in-depth entertainment analysis programme, Showbiz A-Z on every Saturday. She will also anchor a programme on Joy Prime.

“It is so surreal to be actually working here,” she said of the country’s media giant, The Multimedia Group.

It was a dream come true because while growing up, she had been fantasying with the idea of working at Joy FM.

Her dream piqued her interest in the station. She earned the titled Joy FM Drive Time ‘serial caller’ because she called into the show every day when Bola Ray hosted it.

When she appeared on Joy FM’s Personality Profile Thursday, she got many listeners wondering if she had earned the big table.

But she demonstrated that it is not the number of years in one’s age that earns one a dinner on the golden table, but rather the number of lives one has touched.

“I have done a lot in a short time,” the journalist and actress told Lexis Bill, host of the programme.

But unlike others, she does not feel like a celebrity yet.

“Being a celebrity is just uncomfortable,” the blunt proud native of Teshie said.

Naa Ashorkor’s story is an inspiring yarn that demonstrates the power of dreams and deliberate actions to realizing them.

She was born on November 24, 1988, to Mr Paul Mensah-Doku and Sarah Mensah-Doku. She has had a flourishing career as a media personality from being a guest on Accra-based TV Africa’s New Generation programme to being the host of Starr FM’s The Zone show.

What has kept her going was an advice her mother doled out to her, while trying to plant her feet in the world.

“Do not say no to any opportunity unless it is against your moral beliefs [and] whether you can or cannot you will know after you do it,” she recited the creed that has been her motivation.

Her voice, rich with rough-hewn honesty and sincerity, would occasionally dip to a sand-papery whisper as if she were confiding some embarrassing secret to Lexis Bill.

“I just like to be the Broadcaster that I am,” the LL.B degree holder said, adding she might want to practice the law in the future.

Naa Ashorkor acknowledged contributions EIB Network, especially Starr FM had made to her career.

“EIB introduced me to radio [and] it was a very humbling experience,” she did not dismember the hand that fed her.

Although she learnt a lot just watching Bola Ray do what he does best, the new Showbiz A-Z host said her new destination forms part of her dreams.

She is a deliberate being who takes deliberate steps toward her deliberate dreams.

If Bola Ray could hold her hand and bless her to go to Joy FM because of the weight of the brand, it is because he understood the consequences of misjudging Naa Ashorkor.

She is part of a privileged few who live their lives doing what they are good at. “I live my life…and I don’t feel like a famous person,” she piped out.