Why I didn’t help Shatta Wale to fight Wizkid – Samini explains

Emmanuel Andrews Samini has announced to rival, Shatta Wale that he will never lend him a helping hand to fight anyone.

His comments came after the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker passed some demeaning comments about Nigerian starboy, Wizkid, which agitated fans of the latter and raised a whole lot of issues on social media.

Shatta then called on fellow Ghanaian artistes to come on board to help fight the influx of Nigerian music on the Ghanaian market. Shatta further mentioned Samini’s twitter handle in some of these tweets. Samini never hesitated to reply his colleague on Twitter and this raised eyebrows on the two.

But in a recent interview on Radio Univers with John Acquaful, the Dagaati man announced that he will never support his rival in his fight against Nigerians since he has no idea what started the beef and would not like to engage himself in such brouhahas.

“You can’t tweet at me and ask me to help you to insult some Nigerians because they’ve made certain claims about you. First of all, I don’t know what started that beef so I can’t follow you to go and insult any Nigerian. That is where all the controversy started from. The whole issue started after he mentioned an artiste (Wizkid) and made claims that he was not a star which infuriated the Nigerian act’s fans to react.

“So if his fans are angry and have started a fight with you, you can’t tweet me and expect me to help you insult them back”

Commenting on whether Shatta Wale invited him for the fight because he is quite an influential artiste and the two uniting could push the agenda better; Samini said it was not right at first for his colleague to start it at all.

“We should come together and fight the artiste you said is not a star? – he quizzed. Because mentioning him and stating that he (Wizkid) is nobody was not relevant in establishing your point that Ghanaian music is not well promoted”

Wizkid who was mentioned by Shatta Wale in his claims is yet to respond on this matter but Samini believes if Ghanaian artistes work harder and push their songs, it will be aired all over Africa.