Vivian Okyere finally gives details about the guy she is dating

Vivian Okyere finally gives details about the guy she is dating

Kumawood actress Vivian Okyere who is noted to be in a serious relationship with diminutive Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo has finally put to rest the matter involving the two of them in a recent interview.

Speaking in on Kessben TV, the actress revealed that there was no amorous relationship between herself and Yaw Dabo. She went on to indicate that she was in a relationship with someone who was not in the industry; a clear indication that her relationship with Dabo was concocted.

Vivian Okyere added that the rumours were being spread by bloggers who wanted information to be able to direct traffic to their websites.

She praised Dabo and indicated that she loved to be in his company because he was a fun-loving person.

She also indicated that Dabo was a confidant to her and mostly gave her advice and tips to help her thrive in the movie industry.

She went on to debunk the fact that she was leading Yaw Dabo on and stated clearly that she did not ‘use’ Dabo to dump him later.

She revealed that she, however, had no problem with the bloggers because she was a celebrity and it was to be expected that a lot of things would be written about her.

Some time ago, news went round that the two Kumawood entertainers were seriously dating and soon to be married.

Vivian Okyere was alleged to have said on record that she was in love with Dabo and that Dabo also had same feelings for her.

The two ‘lovebirds’ were seen in pictures together and it gave some credence to the stories making rounds that they were indeed in a relationship.

The actor is even alleged to have speculated on how much he intended to spend on their wedding.

However, Vivian Okyere has stated in no uncertain terms that she was not dating the diminutive actor and it was not the case that they were getting married.