There’s too much infighting in the music industry – Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife Grandpapa and member of award winning VVIP group Reggie Rockstone has said that Ghana’s music industry, though performing relatively well, is being held back to a large extent by the petty fights between its members.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb, Rockstone stressed on the importance of unity in the industry whilst urging members to desist dwelling on ‘beefs’ and the likes that could eventually affect the industry’s growth.

“It’s growing but there’s always room for improvement but we all have to help each other. We are trying to raise a new level of patriotism, we have to be united. It’s as though we joke with things like this when we say them but it’s the truth; it’s just like the broom, when its bound together, it stays strong and can work better.”

He maintained that though every artiste has personal differences, they ought to work together as one force to promote music in Ghana.

“Its common sense, we all have our differences but we all want to win.”
Speaking on the recent feud between Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and Nigerian musician Wizkid, he cautioned that fans tread cautiously to ensure that old sentiments are not evoked and the issue taken out of place.
““It’s cute for a minute, it’s showbiz I understand it, but in reality, how does that work? We also have to be careful how we evoke old sentiments because Ghana and Nigeria have a very dark past, remember Ghana-must-go? So be careful, he advised.”

Shatta Wale and Wizkid have been at each other’s throats in recent times with fans fanning the flames between the two. Shatta Wale in a video on social media said he did not consider Wizkid a star like many have made it seem.