Tell your fans to stop dissing Ghana -Shatta Wale to Wizkid

Trust Shatta Wale to rake up controversy any time.

After kicking up a trolling war between his fans and those of Nigeria’s Wizkid on the basis that the Nigerian is overrated and does not deserve a superstar status, the recent Flagstaff House guest is not exactly calling for a ceasefire.

In a tweet targeted at Wizkid but which also brushes off Samini, the multi-award winning Shatta tells the Nigerian star to cool down his fans so they stop insulting Ghanaians.

Wale’s dispute of Wizkid’s status while on live radio has drawn the fury of the latter’s fans, and not only have they hurried to the defence of their idol, most of them are doing it also for country.

But in the tweet he posted Thursday morning, Shatta yet disputes of Wizkid’s status. In the same tweet however, he takes a dig at his compatriot, Samini, recalling a past tiff and insinuating that while his opponents had acclaimed Samini as a superstar, he’s struggling to feed himself.

“We know all”, he says, and tells Wizkid, “tell ur fans to stop dissing Ghana.”

As in the controversial comment that kick-started the war of words, the latest tweet has left a trail of long banters, some comical and witty, but others political and sneering.