Six subjects every Ghanaian student absolutely loved in school

School was not always fun, but some classes were fun to attend.

Here are the subjects that many Ghanaian students absolutely loved in school.

1. English Language Everyone loved it, and the English Class was always full.

2. Religious and Moral Education

The numerous stories from the Bible and Quran made RME very exciting. Nobody slept or chewed the pen cover in RME class.

3. Twi/Ga/Ewe

The local languages classes were one of the most exciting.

4. Social Studies

Many students looked forward to social studies classes because they got to learn about great Ghanaians like Kwame Nkrumah and Yaa Asantewaa.

5. Agric science

A class about plants and animals was one many students did not miss.

6. Physical and Health Education (PHE)

Everyone loved PHE because it involved mostly running and playing football outside the classroom.