‘Sakora’ is a new thing – Pascal Aka

‘Sakora’ is a new thing – Pascal Aka

Film and music video director Pascal Aka has said ‘Sakora’ is the new thing and that is what the ladies are interested in.

According to him having ‘sakora’ is a form of climate change whereby he has to adopt and evolve.

“Climate change, it’s real. You have to adopt and evolve. Right now the ‘sakora’ thing is a new thing” he said.

Speaking on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Andrew Tandoh Adote, the ‘EVOL’ filmmaker said “This is what the ladies want”.

‘Sakora’ is a Ghanaian word given to people with no or having little hair on the scalp.

Profile of Aka

Pascal Aka was born in Ivory Coast on July 17th 1985 and raised in Ghana. He is a graduate from Carleton University’s film studies program and is a former trainee at the Independent Filmmaker’s Cooperative of Ottawa, where he eventually became an elected Director’s General, Chairman of the Diversity Commitee and Vice-President.

At the young age of 21, Aka completed his first feature movie “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”, which he wrote, directed and co-starred in. The film became an official selection at the 2009 “Action On Film Festival” where it was given an award for “Best Action Sequence” and nominated for “Best Foreign Film”. It was also rated as one of the “Best Film By A Local Filmmaker” in the Ottawa Xpress Magazine in 2007.

His sophomore feature action film “EVOL” (Love spelt backwards) proceeded to gain even more success as Aka and his team returned to the AOF Festival the next year with a whopping 5 Award nominations (Breakout Action Star, Best Action Sequence, Best Martial Arts Sequence, Best Fight Choreography, Best Guerrilla Film).

After a packed sold out screening at the theatre in California, the film left the festival with the “Audience Choice Award”.

EVOL’s success outside Canada attracted a media blitz, stories of the film’s success were featured on CBC, CTV, Roger’s TV, A-Channel and was featured on numerous newspapers, which all helped the film’s homecoming premiere to be a double sold-out event on November 19th and 21st 2010 at the Mayfair Theatre.

After a successful 9 years in Canada, Pascal Aka has returned to bring his skills and passion to the home country, Ghana; where he found a new production company -“Breakthrough Media Productions”.

Aka and his new team form the company produce music videos for West African artistes and have plans to revolutionize the standards in the West African movie industry.