No pastor will marry ‘cheap’ Patience Nyarko – Rose Adjei fires back

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Rose Adjei has fired back at Patience Nyarko indicting that no matter her efforts; she can never get a pastor to marry her.

Speaking on Abusua Fm in Kumasi on Saturday, Rose Adjei who is also a wife of a Ghanaian Pastor disclosed her discontentment over comments made by her colleague gospel singer.

A week ago, Patience Nyarko disclosed that most wives of Ghanaian pastors (Osafo Maames) are witches.

She claimed that, most of these pastors’ wives have developed the habit of sheer jealousy and arrogance which does not qualify them to marry ‘Men of God’.

The singer accused wives of pastors being the cause of their husbands’ downfall instead of helping them win souls.

However, Rose Adjei, the wife of the founder of Power Dominion Chapel, chastised Patience Nyarko saying, “I want to let her know that, she won’t get a pastor to marry”.

She explained that, being a pastor’s wife itself is a calling from God; hence it’s not every woman who can marry a pastor.

“Being Osafo Maame is a ministry on its own; you need the calling from God before you can be, therefore Patience can’t be a wife of a pastor”.

“Has God opened her eyes or has she delivered any Osofo Maame from witchcraft as she claims. You don’t make certain allegation like that, has any pastor come to confess to you that her wife is a witch?” She retorted

On the contrary Rose emphasized that, though there are many men of God, yet not all of them were called by God Himself to his work in his Ministry.