Nigeria’s Timaya is a plantain chips seller not dancehall artiste – Shatta Wale

Nigeria's Timaya is a plantain chips seller not dancehall artiste - Shatta Wale

The Ghana and Nigeria beef is getting interesting as Dancehall King Shatta Wale pours more petrol into the already burning fire.

This whole beef started when Shatta Wale in an interview said that Wizkid is not a superstar even though he claims to be the best African artiste, and thus should not be regarded higher than Ghanaian artistes.

“I will not see Wizkid and be stunned, I rather want him to see me and be amazed because I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste”, Shatta Wale said.

The statement made by the Dancehall King got a lot of Nigerians furious, as they began raining heavy insults on him.

Luckily enough, Nigerian singer Dammy Krane came to Shatta Wale’s rescue as he showed massive support for the Dancehall King in a tweet to him, despite his countrymen raining insults him.

He said “I stand by you my g @shattawalegh Real things we deal with …. No Fake Hype!!!”

Shatta Wale, however, did not end the beef with Wizkid but has continued with another Nigerian artiste, Timaya.

According to the Dancehall King, it is a disgrace to call someone like Timaya a dancehall artiste, and that he should be selling plantain chips instead.

The Dancehall King said this when he replied to a tweet sent to him by@teolee_baby, which said “Wizkid alone is more than a whole gana….timaya alone is more than all Africa dancehall..Timaya king of Africa dancehall king….rep Nigeria.”

Shatta Wale then responded “stop this poultry farm nonsense before I use you for indomie and chicken wings..Tell Timaya to come to Ghana and see what’s dancehall and stop that nonsense u ppl call dancehall..its a shame u have an artiste like Tmaya, he shd have still sold his plantain chips. mumu.”