Meet Obuasi Radio Presenters and Djs at the 2017 ‘Adansi Media Awards’

Meet Obuasi Adansi Djs and Presenters at the 2017 Adansi Media Awards

VaRIGHTY EVENTS, an events organising, planning and management firm based in Obuasi with partners from the United States has put together needed resources to stage the biggest event yet to hit the Adansi Traditional area dubbed Adansi Media Awards.

The great work done by our media personnel in Adansi is worth rewarding, especially considering the fact the two main sources of employment – Anglogold Ashanti and small scale mining, in the area has not been in operation for a while now. It takes expertise and vast range of experience to handle the airwaves in such a way that chaos will not breakout, and to keep listeners hopeful.

Based on this and many other reasons, VaRIGHTY EVENTS is awarding these hardworking ladies and gentlemen who have taking so much risk and pain to provide us with excellence.

The theme for this, the maiden edition is “Creating an ‘Island’ of Media Excellence”. The launching of the scheme took place in Obuasi at the prestigious Anyinam Lodge on October 11, 2017 having in attendance the Municipal Chief Executive -Hon. Elijah Adansi-Bonah, the former Ashanti Regional Minister Hon. John Alexander Ackon and many other dignitaries including a representative of Anglogold Ashanti.

With the main event slated to take place on December 30, 2017, it promises to be a spectacle to behold which will witness performances from major artistes and industry players in attendance to grace the occasion.