Love is the cure for human right abuse – Gospel artiste

Love is the cure for human right abuse – Gospel artiste

Ghana’s high flying gospel artist, leader of mgSLEDGE group, Rachel Lamptey has called on Ghanaians to strengthen their love for one another because that’s the key to eradicate the acute human right abuses and domestic violence in this country.

She said, beyond our religious affiliation is the nation Ghana which we all belong to therefore consistently abusing each other with words or physically is hurting us as a country, hence we need to develop and demonstrate love towards each other because when there is love, peace and unity reigns.

She also advised Ghanaians to be fashionable with God other than prioritizing technology and social media over God’s word because in him we have our strength therefore we should involve him in everything we do all we will be successful.

She made this statement in Accra, during the launch of her maiden album dubbed “Alive Today” which comes with ten songs.

At the launch, she laid emphasis on a particular song on the album called “shidaa” and also called on Ghanaians to expect great things from her.

Background of “shidaa” (PRAISE)

Shidaa means thanksgiving in English. It is a song that primarily focuses on thanking God for who he is and what He does every day in our lives. It is a song of celebration of the life that we have and the undeserved blessing we receive daily in all aspects of our lives.

The delivery is done as a praise song but as a result of the powerful message it presents and the message it conveys, there is a worship version of the song on the album.

That underscores the value the group puts on the song and not for lack of songs to complete their maiden album, ALIVE TODAY. In fact, by the time the maiden album was finished, a second album was almost ready for production.

The group mgSLEDGE is led by Rachel Lamptey and their style is different from what is normal trend in the industry.

Their focus has been to have mostly slow to mid-tempo songs that help listeners to reflect on their lives and be thankful for what they have rather than what they are yet to get.