Lord Kenya spotted ‘entertaining’ Church members with his old hiplife songs

Lord Kenya spotted ‘entertaining’ Church members with his old hiplife songs

Former Ghanaian rap heavyweight champion, Lord Kenya gave his life to Christ and there’s been no turning back since he took that bold step.

The musician who was ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit some years back is now celebrating his seven-year anniversary of his calling to the Kingdom of Christ.

As part of the anniversary celebration, the born-again Christian lined up some activities as well as some renowned preachers to join him to mark the day.

Evangelist Lord Kenya who was preaching in a Kumasi Church was spotted giving a flashback of his life and how his Christian journey started.

As part of his preaching, Lord Kenya was seen in a video running through his past life as he sings some of his old hiplife songs to excite the congregation.

Though he was only trying to make a point from his sermon, some of his church members jumped to the song and wanted him to entertain them with more hiplife tunes.

The Evangelist recently in an interview, told Graphic Showbiz that he has never regretted turning his life back to God.

“I have no regrets at all, even when I was at the other side I had no regrets how much more now that I have the opportunity to preach. It is because of my past that people listen to me so I have become a blessing to them and have no regrets whatsoever,” Lord Kenya is quoted to have said.