Kwabena Kwabena Not My Lover – Frema

Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena and controversy seem to be bedfellows especially where his relationships are concerned.

Earlier this year, he went through a very public divorce from his second wife, Abena Owusuaa with so many stories about what led to their marriage crashing.

However, one story that seemed to stick was that TV presenter, Frema Ashkar, was right in the middle with reports indicating she was seeing the musician under the guise of being his manager.

Sightings of the two did not help matters but Frema Ashkar says the rumours are simply untrue.

“Kwabena Kwabena is a long time friend who I now happen to manage but there is nothing going on between us. What I have with Kwabena Kwabena is strictly business,” she told Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday.

“What sparked the rumour was the fact that Kwabena Kwabena got divorced around the same time my divorce also happened and since the two of us were friends, people quickly linked us,” she added.

The host of Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV who now goes by her maiden name, Frema Adunyame also revealed to Showbiz that she is very single and ready to mingle.

“There is no man in my life at the moment but when the right one comes along, I will not hesitate to settle down with him,” she said

She has been called names like husband snatcher, adulterer among others and in answer to how she deals with the insults and criticism, the mother of two said she is not really bothered because she knows nothing is going on and she is not the reason the Aso hitmaker’s marriage fell on the rocks.

Although she is a mother of two lovely boys, Frema still looks trim and she owes it all to exercising.

“I work out a lot to maintain my figure. I want to look young and beautiful so I don’t play with my exercise at all,” she said.

Away from personal issues, Frema said her company, Fablinks, is doing everything possible to push Kwabena Kwabena’s brand to the highest level.

She said she has heard not too pleasing comments from her friends that she will fail as a manager due to the close relationship she shares with the Royal Lady singer but she is determined to prove them wrong.