John Dumelo, James Gardiner & Other ‘Broke’ Ghanaian Stars Renting Their Posh Cars?

Life is not a race and yet a lot of people make their lives miserable by keeping up with appearances they cannot afford.

With the near collapse of the Ghana Movie Industry, most of our Ghanaian actors and actresses are redundant, literally–and their banks are almost empty.
Yet, they see the need to keep with the Kardashians on Instagram and other social media platforms. has been told by a source familiar with the happenings within the camp of various Ghanaian Celebrities that, John Dumelo, James Gardiner and others are pressed to the wall financially–so bad that they cannot afford fuel in their high consumption cars, including Dumelo’s V8.

And they are now renting their posh cars out–while they uncomfortably squeeze themselves into Ubers and tiny cars, for their daily rounds. But when it comes to social media, they continue to flaunt as though they are Saudi millionaires living in Ghana.

The source alleged that these people are struggling to keep up with appearance “but they wouldn’t let the world know how bad things are going. Buying fuel into those big cars they pose by on social media itself has become a big headache.”

“John and James are renting out their cars while they themselves rely on Uber and in most instances for John, a tiny car because they cannot afford fuel,” she claimed.

John Dumelo has a V8 and James Gardiner has Toyota Prado–obviously, with their high fuel consumption, non-working actors will definitely struggle to keep up.