It is foolish to attack me on my panties & bra spiritual direction – Obinim

It is foolish to attack me on my panties & bra spiritual direction - Obinim

Bishop Obinim, as usual, was in the news again when a video emerged on the internet, in which he was seen burning panties, braziers and boxer shorts of his church members as a spiritual direction to break any curses of spiritual marriage, poverty, sickness, etc in their lives.

When the video went viral on the internet, several people attacked the Prophet saying that what he did was ‘occultic’ because no man of God was quoted in the Bible to have done a similar thing.

As expected Obinim has come for his critics, saying that he performed that spiritual exercise because it was a direction from God.

Obinim described those who questioned him by using the Bible as ‘fool’ asking them, if the mobile phones they are using was written in the Bible.

“Fools, if you keep saying that because what I did was not from the Bible, I am putting to you, the mobile phone you are using, is it in the bible? So why are you using it?”–An angry Obinim asked.

“Fools, you won’t humble yourself so Jesus Christ blesses you. Before you question if what I do is in the Bible, ask yourself if the things you are using today are in the Bible”

“If we want to always do things things that are only written in the bible, then Jesus walked all the time to everywhere He went in the Bible, so stop using your car and walk always as well, FOOOOL”

Watch the full video below: