Ignite Creatives to distribute Koo Ntakra’s ‘KOK’ album worldwide

Content marketing firm of international repute, Ignite Creatives, has secured distribution right to Koo Ntakra’s ‘KOK’ album.

Ignite Creatives, through its international agency will be responsible for distributing and publishing of the ‘KOK’ album across various digital music stores.

The ‘KOK’ album which was officially launched earlier this month has been exclusively on aftown music platform for the Ghanaian market since its release but left out other international digital music stores.

In this regard, Gulfcoast Entertainment, management of the ‘King of Kofcity’ rapper has agreed to partner Ignite Creatives for the worldwide distribution of the album.

The company which primarily works on online content management and marketing will also be responsible for managing all contents created out of the album, whiles creating others through events, tours and specialized promotional plugins.

‘KOK’ Album will be available across various digital music stores (including; iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Shazam, YouTube, and Amazon etc) for fans to stream, download and buy worldwide from 24th November 2017.