Hannah Marfo Advises Musicians

Sensational Ghanaian gospel musician, Hannah Marfo, has asserted that it is not wrong for a gospel musician to collaborate with a secular musician.

The ‘Yen Som Obiara’ singer told Entertainment Today in an exclusive interview that one needs to assess his/her spiritual capabilities before making such a decision.

“We propagate the word of God through music and somebody who is not a believer can change his/her ways after opening his/her mouth to pray and sing about God.

…The Pharisees were not happy when the sinful woman wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair…but Jesus came not for the righteous.

It is difficult on the part of humanity but not for Jesus Christ. He likes it that way that through collaborations they will turn to him.

“For me I do not see anything wrong for a gospel musician to collaborate with a secular musician but you have to assess yourself very well. If have a strong faith then I do not see anything wrong with it,” she stated.

Hannah Marfo also noted that coming out with a new song takes time and one must prepare very well.

“I am working on new songs at the studio. I also have a school which takes care of the needy in Accra. Sometimes I do honour invitations to perform at programmes too.”

When asked what makes it difficult for someone to be a gospel musician, she answered: “Whatever is in you is what will come out.

Those who are living according to the flesh will definitely find it difficult to sing about the gospel.

“We do not know how we got the voice; it was there when they gave birth to us so let’s make good use of the talent…and do what will win souls for the almighty God. Let’s prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ,” she advised Ghanaian musicians.