FIPAG executives only interested in money not industry – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Ace movie producer, Abdul Salam Mumuni has alleged that the current leadership of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) are only interested in satisfying their pockets and not the industry’s need.

The association elected new executives late last year and renowned actor and movie producer Mr Augustine Abbey, popularly known as ‘Idikoko’, was re-elected as President of the association after being ‘booted’ out in 2013.

But for some time now, many individuals have criticised and called for the impeachment of the leadership of FIPAG with the recent being Abdul Salam Mumuni.

The producer in an interview with JoyNews’ MzGee said, “I’m still a member of FIPAG but I hardly attend their meetings because I feel like they’re not thinking about the industry the way I’m thinking about it.”

“There are a lot of people who think for their pocket and this industry demands that we have one voice and look into the future of it and know where it’s going and follow in its step. But today, if there’s money somewhere, you’ll see them fight over it and they have a platform where they keep on biting each other,” he said.

However, speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Zachariah Abdulai, Secretary of FIPAG, has debunked Abdul Salam’s claims stating that the association has no source of income.

“Abdul Salam Mumuni is one of the leaders of the Distribution Association of Ghana. He is the Vice President of the association nationwide. So if there’s somebody who needs to be asked why [sales of] movies aren’t going, it should be him rather,” he said.

The FIPAG Secretary added that, “It’s unfortunate he’s not here, I would have asked him to mention the money that has come and FIPAG leadership is fighting over it because if you know FIPAG very well, FIPAG doesn’t take money from anywhere.”

“If he’s referring to Audiovisual Society of Ghana (ASOG), ASOG it is a different organization away from FIPAG and the leadership of FIPAG is not the same as that of ASOG and that is where I know that money does come,” he explained.