Because I have a flat ass, my friends nicknamed me ‘plate’ – Stephanie Benson

UK-based Ghanaian singer and performer Stephanie Benson who was in the media not long ago for her seductive and sexual explicit lingerie scenes in a music video with Dancehall artiste Samini made a shocking revelation about her butt.

Speaking on the “Keeping It Real” TV show with Joselyn Dumas, the singer disclosed that due to her small and flat nature of her buttocks her friends back in school used to make fun of her and called her names.

According to Stephanie, her friends back in school nicknamed her “Plate” because of her flat-looking ass.

The singer also indicated that she could eat a lot because she felt bad and did not have curvaceous ass.

She added that although she had flat ass, she had gorgeous boobs to at least supplement for the flat ass so she was okay.

“Because I did not have a lot of ass, I could eat a lot. Also, back in school, my friends used to call me plate because I had a very flat looking ass, and it was really sad.”

“Even though I had flat ass, I had nice boobs, so I was happy”, Stephanie Benson revealed.

Stephanie Benson is also known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of Kokobin is a UK based Ghanaian international singer and performer who is heavily rooted in jazz music.

She has 5 kids and is 50 years old but looks like she is in her twenties.