Be a blessing to your man – Opanin Kwadwo Kyere

Be a blessing to your man - Opanin Kwadwo Kyere

Opanin Kwadwo Kyere has summoned up women to cherish their husbands and drop their intensions of solely reaping in their marriages.

The renowned marriage counsellor instilled that yet-to-be wives should be ready to give their all to support their husbands in their union notwithstanding the unfruitful advice given to them by some mothers.

He urged married women to pay no heed to their fellow women who feed them with insensitive thoughts on how to manage the affairs of their marriage and rather treasure their men.

Opanin Kyere said, “Go into the marriage with the view to prosper the young man”.

Adding that, “Don’t go with an eye on what there is to gain, what there is to reap. But you should carry something in your hand to bless the young man”.

Opanin Kwadwo Kyere was speaking at a marriage seminar held at the Assemblies of God Central Church located at the Ring Way Estate in Accra.