All is well at GHOne – Nana Aba Anamoah

The EIB Network is as big as they come on the media landscape so anything about them is bound to make news.

And that is why the exit of some of their key personalities recently has left many wondering if all is well there. First, it was AJ Sarpong leaving for Citi FM. Then Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku returned from maternity leave and almost immediately crossed carpet to Joy FM.

It is certainly normal for people to make such moves but the way in which the resignations followed each other left many with questions.

However, News Editor of GHOne TV, Nana Aba Anamoah says everything is fine at her station.

“Actually, all is well at GHOne. There is nothing wrong here. People are at liberty to move when they feel they have to. I am not one who will discourage anyone from moving when I feel that they’re making the right decision.

“We all have different ambitions, we all have different objectives in life and if you have been at a place for a while and you feel that moving to another place will further advance your cause, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go,” she stated.

According to her, both AJ and Naa Ashorkor, obviously had their own reasons for leaving but assured that there was no bad blood leading to their exit.

“Naa Ashorkor has her April Communications going on, she’s started her stage plays and I think she needs a lot of time to focus on what she really enjoys doing and if moving to another station will give her time to focus on her family, on herself and on the business that she’s doing fantastic with, that’s great,” she said.

“I am really happy for her with April Communications. I think in one or two years, Naa Ashorkor’s name will be on every lips when it comes to drama. I know at the moment Uncle Ebo Whyte is doing very well but I think in Naa Ashorkor, we have found a replacement for him if he ever decides to retire so I am happy for her,” she added.

She also said the opportunities for growth was a key motivator for AJ to move. “She is doing the morning show at Citi FM which is a big step for her because at GHOne she was doing more of lifestyle and entertainment.

“ This is someone who has a Masters in Journalism so she is looking for an opportunity to put her journalistic skills to work and if Citi FM will give her that, I think it’s fair for her to leave.

“She didn’t leave on a bad note and everyone at GHOne is happy for her. In fact, when she was leaving, we all did videos for her, we had a small get- together. It was great. So all is well at GHOne,” she stressed.

Recently, one of GHOne’s major news anchors, Kemini Amanor generated some controversy when it was announced that she was joining TV3 but on the day she was expected to start work, she did not show up.

After a lot of will she or will she not, it was later revealed that she was staying put. For Nana Aba that was a great decision.

“Kemini is a brilliant talent and realised that she is better off being with GHOne TV. And I told her that an attempt to get her to go to another station should tell her that she’s doing something right and she needs to keep doing better.

“ I would be happy if CNN or BBC approached her, in fact, I would be the one to push her to go. I’m happy she didn’t go because I like to be selfish and I enjoy working with her,” she said.

In true Nana Aba fashion, she said she was happy that an attempt was made to sign her anchor on adding that she would have been disappointed if other media houses did not try to sign her anchors or reporters on.

In her opinion, it is validation of how strongly the GHOne brand is performing. “It means that people are watching us keenly and they know the kind of talent we have in the newsroom and that excites me, it makes me very happy,” she stated.