Akumaa Mama Zimbi hits the gym with huge headgear

Renowned Radio and TV personality, Akumaa Mama Zimbi is loved for so many reasons and wearing long and huge headgears is one of those.

Indeed she never goes unnoticed with her headgears. It is hard to see Akumaa without her headgear. She was reported to have said it takes her about 30 minutes to fix it on her head.

“It needs to fit properly because I may run or dance especially when I step out and it needs to be stable,” she said. And they come in different colours and shapes to match her outfit. Even when she wears a blazer, she must compliment her looks with a headgear. It has indeed become a unique Akumaa brand and one must love her strength in maintaining that brand.

She is seen in many places wearing her headgear but not at the gym.

She got some people talking as she shared a post of herself at the gym on Wednesday on Instagram wearing one of her heavy gears as she welcomed her followers to a new day.

The veteran actress has been a relationship and marriage counselor for seventeen years. Many couples turn to her for solutions to problems in their relationships. Mama Zimbi who is otherwise called Joyce Akumaa Dongotey-Padi has recently started a trend urging her followers to hit the gym.