Abortion was never an option – Samira Adams

Imagine getting what you consider the opportunity of a lifetime and then you are hit with news that puts it all in jeopardy. What will you do?

Well, that was the dilemma beautiful actress, Samira Adams faced in 2012. Growing up, acting was one of her biggest passions so when a chance came for her to make her dream a reality with her participation in an acting competition dubbed Spirited Actor in New York five years ago, she wasted no chance grabbing it.

Little did she know that she was pregnant and she was eventually faced with what to do.

Although she was confused and scared at the news, she tells Showbiz the thought of abortion never even crossed her mind.

“I had no idea I was pregnant when we got into the Spirited Actor House.

So when I found out I was some weeks gone, I honestly was disturbed.

I was 24 at that time and my life had just started taking shape.

I mean it was a lot of us who came to audition for the reality show and I was part of the final squad which was a big deal for me so the pregnancy news really hit me hard.

“It wouldn’t have been out of place to have terminated it because I was in no man’s land, nobody knew me but then, I never thought of getting rid of it.

When I told the baby’s father, he said he needed to talk to his dad about it.

Later, he called me back and said his dad was interested in his grandchild so I should keep the pregnancy and that was it, Infact, for me, abortion was never an option,” she said.

Today, Samira looks at her daughter who turns five in February next year and she is proud she kept the pregnancy.

“She is so beautiful and adorable; she is part of every step I take.

I try to give her the best as a mother, making sure she grows up with lots of love,” she said.

Though the Idiot and I actress has no regrets, she cautioned young people to make sure they’ve got their act together before taking the step to make babies saying her single motherhood journey has not been all smooth sailing.

“It has not been rosy, I have had my rough times so I will advise the young ones to take their time and get things going well for them before they put themselves in uncomfortable situations,” she said.

Instead of sitting pretty and allowing the rough side of single motherhood weigh her down, Samira decided to channel that energy into becoming a fitness addict.

“You know you add on after giving birth and you lose yourself but I decided to get back in shape, exercise, eat well and feel sexy again.

When you get in shape and become sexy, you feel confident and you love yourself more,” she said.

Samira Adams describes herself as mischievous, hardworking and an excellent actress.