80% of Ghanaian pastors are fake – Ayitey Powers

80% of Ghanaian pastors are fake – Ayitey Powers

Controversial Ghanaian boxer Ayitey Powers has described Ghanaian pastors as fake, who are only interested in taking money from the vulnerable people who visit their churches.

Ayitey Powers made this revelation on “Tonight” with Andrew Tandoh Adote, an entertainment program on Joy TV when he was asked why he went to Nigeria to consult TB Joshua.

Ayitey Powers disclosed that something mysterious happened to him whiles in London, and that led him to go looking for the man of God.

He narrated how a voice told him to return to Ghana several years ago whiles in London with valid working documents when he had an upcoming fight. He said even though he didn’t know anything about making travel arrangements because they were mostly taken care of by his coach or manager, he found himself for the first time sitting behind a computer and making travel arrangements with British Airways and after agreeing to pay a penalty of £50, he went to the airport hurriedly with only £70 in his pocket.

The boxer continued that he didn’t even realise he was in Ghana until he went to an eatery with his friends adding that all his efforts to gather enough money to go back to London failed.

He disclosed that he resorted to begging before he could eat and in all that 5years he went to every church in the country but all the pastors did was take his money even when he didn’t have enough left.

Ayitey Powers continued that after suffering for many years he had a dream where he saw an old woman standing beside him, telling him that all the suffering he is going through will be solved “when I go to Nigeria and visit Synagogue Church of all Nations”.

He told the host that after having the same dream for the second time, he decided to look for money to go to Nigeria, where he met TB Joshua and was delivered without paying a dime.

He said the man of God was even generous enough to give him a three-bedroom apartment for which he and his family are forever grateful.