7 things we know about Olamide’s 7th album

Olamide surprised us all this week when he announced that his next studio album would be releasing in a matter of days.

In fact, at the time of writing, the record will be coming out in exactly 9 days which gives us enough time to gather all the facts we can about his upcoming body of work.

We took the time to scour the interwebs for any information we could find and we have come back with 7 notable facts about the upcoming record.

1. The name Olamide’s 7th studio album will be titled “Lagos Nawa”

2. The artwork Check it out for yourself.

3. The release date. “Lagos Nawa” will be releasing on the 17th of November.

4. The tradition continues. Olamide has released an album a year for the past 6 years. This will be the 7th year running he continues the release trend.

5. The track List It’s safe to say that this record is going to be fire…

6. His long time producer is behind the boards Young John, a producer who Olamide has worked with numerous times since album number 4, is exclusively producing this record.

7. “Wo” is on it We heard “Wo” earlier this year and it’s gone on to be one of the biggest jams of the year. From what we can tell, it’s become the album’s lead single.