‘Zebra boys’ perform ‘killer’ brass band rendition of Shatta’s ‘Hosanna’, Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’

'Zebra boys' perform ‘killer’ brass band rendition of Shatta’s 'Hosanna’, Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’

Showcasing the dynamism in music with their prowess, some students of Adisadel College in a viral video have wowed many with their rendition of dancehall bass brand music.

Moving beyond the usual gospel and highlife tunes adopted in most brass band performances, the boys with their trumpets, saxs’ drums and other instruments performed several renditions of some dancehall songs making hit since their release at what appears to have been one of their rehearsal sessions.

Shatta Wale’s hit song featuring Burna Boy, ‘Hossana’ and Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’ featured in the spectacular tunes, hit by hit, it was almost like a live band version of the songs.

The conductor could not help but exhibit dance moves to accompany the tunes his band members were playing.

Watch the video of Adisco Boys killing Shatta’s Hossana and Ebony’s Sponsor