Women must not succumb to everything society throws at them – Pepper Dem Ministries

Women must not succumb to everything society throws at them – Pepper Dem Ministries

A member of Pepper Dem Ministries, Dr. Louise Carol Donkor believes that there is a policing of women’s expression in the Ghanaian society whereby they are prevented from expressing their views in other to portray that they are of good behaviour.

“Expression is not what we think women should have. Women they say should be seen and not to be heard. These are all gender tones saying that as a woman, silence is your best virtue,” she explained.

According to her, the constant suppression of women’s views in the society is not appropriate.

The Pepper Dem Ministries is a group of like-minded women on Facebook who engage with issues which are mostly uncomfortable and unpopular in the socio-culture space.

Members of these group can be described as gender advocates who believe that “pepper can burn and raise issues which can make people shift in their seats”.

Speaking on the KSM show, another member of the group, Dr. Ama Opoku Agyemang said the purpose of the Pepper dem ministry is to facilitate learning, unlearning and re-learning of the narratives both male and females have been operating by, in order to establish a better approach to our socialization.

She debunks the argument that their advocacy will go contrary to the Bible saying that the word was written for a particular society and not for the Ghanaian society.

“The bible was set in a certain culture in a certain society… The Jewish culture that the bible was set is a patriarchal society where women were seen as an afterthought. It is important to realise where the bible is coming from,” she noted.