Strongman embarrassed on Legon campus

Strongman embarrassed on Legon campus

It is very disappointing to witness certain moments especially when the people involved are supposed to know better and act accordingly.

Now here’s what happened over the weekend!

SarkCess Music signed artiste, Strongman, was chagrined barely three minutes after mounting the stage at an Artiste Night organized by Mensah Sarbah Hall, University of Ghana, to climax its hall week celebration as organisers truncated his performance.

Right after performing his lines in ‘Trumpet’ and an acapella version of his ‘Market 247’ track, Strongman kept telling the DJ to play the next track but he was ignored. One of the emcees then approached the artiste and whispered into his ears. Strongman’s facial expression suggested that all was not well as he angrily walked off the stage, observed.

The fans unhappy about the development expressed their disappointment and left the event grounds in fury. gathers that Strongman was told by the emcee to end his performance because it was time to end the show.

Per rules governing activities on the University of Ghana campus, students are not to “make undue noise within the University precints. In particular, the hours between 10pm and 6am are to be regarded as hours of quiet, provided that this rule shall not apply where permission to organize a function has been granted by the Head of Hall or Dean of Students”.

As at the time Strongman mounted the stage, it was already 11pm. All artistes who had performed before his coming were virtually up and coming acts.

Was there a contract between the organisers and Strongman? What time was Strongman supposed to be at the venue, on stage and for how many minutes? Did executives of Mensah Sarbah Hall communicate the rules to Star Buzz, organisers of the show? Why did organisers introduce Strongman on stage when they knew it was time to end the show? These are questions begging for answers.